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The Wake Up

From GBH in Boston, The Wake Up is a 10 minute check-in that looks at what is happening in the news of the day. From politics and transportation to housing, science and pop culture. Hosts Paris and Jeremy break it all down through conversation and observation. All with a little bit of humor and a lot of energy. Grab your Dunks’ and hear the latest out of the Bay State and beyond.

  • Last week, Milton voters rejected a change to its zoning ordinances that would have allowed multi-family housing in parts of the town and brought Milton into compliance with the MBTA Communities Law. So what's next? GBH State House Reporter Katie Lannan talks about housing affordability, traffic snarls, and possible legal ramifications.
  • Some activists complain that DEI programs in schools are antisemitic, leaving superintendents in Brookline, Newton and Needham to reckon with hot-button issues around how to teach students about antiracism, antisemitism and Islamophobia. GBH's Phillip Martin reports.
  • Schools like MIT, Dartmouth, and Georgetown, which did away with SAT testing requirements, are now reinstating them --- at a time when affording college is getting harder for more Americans. What does it all mean for young people trying to apply and pay for school? GBH's education reporter Kirk Carapezza joins us to discuss.
  • Looking for something to do during February break next week? Mike Deehan of Axios Boston has some top picks. Plus: Our meteorologist Dave Epstein talks about a bit of upcoming snow and why snow can be tricky to predict.
  • Wendy Swart Grossman and Evan Grossman met working for Gov. Michael Dukakis' presidential campaign in 1986. And while they've grown closer in that time, the American electorate has grown further apart. Is there room for love in politics today?
  • Democratic leaders in Massachusetts have made it clear: They're not interested in bailing out Steward Health Care, the for-profit hospital system that has come into financial trouble. So what does that mean for people who rely on the system for care? GBH's Katie Lannan joins Jeremy to explain. Plus: Snow is coming, and Meteorologist Dave Epstein tells us all about it.
  • Anthony Fogg, vice-president of artistic planning for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, joined Paris and Jeremy to share his memories of his friend and colleague, longtime BSO conductor Seiji Ozawa, who passed away at his home in Tokyo on Tuesday.
  • In the height of COVID-related lockdowns, "Little Fires Everywhere" author Celeste Ng got an interesting request: Would she want to contribute to a collaborative novel, written by more than a dozen writers? She joined Jeremy to talk about the result, "Fourteen Days: A Collaborative Novel."
  • Valentine's Day can be a time for love --- and a time in which a lot of people feel lonely. Celeste Viciere of the podcast Celeste the Therapist, joins Paris to talk about different types of love and how to thrive in the Valentine's-industrial complex. Plus: Edgar B. Herwick III of GBH's Curiosity Desk joins Paris and Jeremy to talk about other notable Feb. 14 events.
  • The new forms for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, were supposed to make things easier for high schoolers applying to college and seeking financial aid in an ever-more-expensive landscape. But local students and counselors say it's done just the opposite, GBH's Kirk Carapezza reports. Plus: GBH meteorologist Dave Epstein remembers the blizzard of '78.
  • Steward Health, the for-profit company that owns St. Elizabeth's Medical Center and other health care facilities in Massachusetts, is in financial crisis. And the people of Allston and Brighton are already feeling the repercussions, a new GBH News investigation from Jeremy shows. Plus: GBH's State House reporter Katie Lannan tells Paris about gun bills working their way through the legislature.
  • AI-generated photos, videos, and audio --- as well as run-of-the-mill disinformation --- is heavily infiltrating social media. So what can we do as news consumers? GBH's social media strategist Zack Waldman joins Paris to discuss.