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Something Wild

From the many birds that call our state home, to the trees around New Hampshire that have been granted "Big Tree" status, to stone walls that punctuate the state, we explain the behavior and science behind what we see and hear (and might take for granted) in our backyards.

  • Something Wild: How shed antlers benefit N.H.'s forests
    There's a reason you may never have found an antler in the woods, despite N.H.'s population of 100,000 deer (not to mention a few thousand moose). Shed antlers provide nutrients to a whole host of forest-dwellers who recognize their value.
  • Something Wild: The fir wave phenomenon and other challenges in NH's White Mountains
    The weather in New Hampshire’s White Mountains has, over millennia, created forests that are specifically suited to extreme weather conditions.
  • Something Wild: How do their feet not freeze off?
    Adaptations in many species in New Hampshire allows them to flourish in the cold winter temperatures. It’s also why you see more trees with light-colored bark the farther north you go.
  • Something Wild: Is NH’s spruce grouse the most audacious of the gallinaceous?
    The elusive yet bold spruce grouse is a little-known New Hampshire inhabitant that relies on forests that are specifically adapted to colder temperatures.
  • Something Wild: The 12 Birds of Christmas - NH Style
    'Tis the season for Christmas carols! Something Wild decided to rewrite the "12 Days of Christmas" and put the focus on New Hampshire birds.
  • Something Wild: You Really Otter Know Better!
    The North American river otter population is doing swimmingly! They are found in abundance in New Hampshire’s waterways, but they can be hard to spot until winter brings them out to play on the ice and snow.
  • Something Wild: How much do we really know about deer?
    From unexpected sightings in backyard gardens to near-misses – or worse – on our roads, white-tailed deer seem to be everywhere. A decade-long study is uncovering new insights about this iconic creature of eastern forests.
  • Something Wild: New Hampshire’s Bat Habitats
    As part of Something Wild's 25th anniversary, we revisit one of our favorite episodes from 2020. Learning about where native bats roost in winter can help us protect the bat population in N.H.
  • Something Wild: Fungus among us
    This has been an epic season for finding mushrooms. We're just beginning to learn how important the fungi kingdom is for forest health.
  • Something Wild: Erratic Cycles
    Autumn in New Hampshire is a wonderful time to watch and observe some easily recognizable stages of natural cycles. But we should note that there are varying degrees of “cyclical” activity that can be quite complicated.
  • Something Wild: N.H.’s osprey success story
    N.H.’s osprey population, in jeopardy forty years ago, now thrives. We talk about the key to the raptor’s success with a researcher who monitors the population, and find out how to identify an osprey as it migrates.
  • Something Wild: A Timber Harvest
    We don't often think of trees when we speak of harvest. But as a society, we consume forest products as much as we do farm products. And sometimes when a tree comes down, it's to make room for another tree.