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N.H. News Recap

Every Friday, the Morning Edition team at NHPR brings you the top headlines from the week in local New Hampshire news.

  • NH News Recap for July 12, 2024: How Northern New Hampshire towns are recovering after this week’s historic flooding
    Multiple roads in northern New Hampshire were washed out by torrential downpours on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. We hear more from residents about the impact of the storm. And how are local Democrats responding to concerns following President Joe Biden’s first debate performance? We talk about these stories and more on this edition of the New Hampshire News Recap with NHPR's Mara Hoplamazian and Josh Rogers
  • NH News Recap for June 28, 2024: State political parties leverage issue of abortion access with voters
    This week marked two years since the Supreme Court removed federal protections for abortion. How is the issue of abortion access shaping messaging from Republicans and Democrats in New Hampshire ahead of the upcoming election? After years of debate and disagreement, a new bail reform bill is heading to Gov. Chris Sununu’s desk. And NHPR’s Document team has a new investigative podcast out now. It’s called “The Youth Development Center.” We talk about these stories and more with NHPR's Josh Rogers and Jason Moon, and New Hampshire Bulletin's Ethan DeWitt.
  • NH News Recap: The future is uncertain for a key source of funding for hospitals
    Tens of millions of dollars are at stake as Gov. Sununu and the state's hospitals battle over a key source of health care funding — the Medicaid enhancement tax. And New Hampshire saw its first heat wave of the summer this week. What's causing these extreme temperatures? We talk about these stories and more with NHPR's Paul Cuno-Booth and Rob Carolan.
  • NH News Recap for June 14, 2024: Hundreds of NH homes were seized by local governments during the pandemic
    According to an analysis from the Concord Monitor, New Hampshire municipalities seized the property of Granite Staters who were behind on property taxes during the pandemic, despite an emergency order by Gov. Chris Sununu that suspended such seizures. And how best to introduce yourself to voters? It’s a question any candidate seeking public office faces. And for the Democrats now running in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District, it’s being answered through competing claims of rootedness in the state they're seeking to represent. We dig into these stories on this week’s edition of the New Hampshire News Recap with Concord Monitor Reporter Michaela Towfighi and NHPR's Josh Rogers.
  • NH News Recap for June 7, 2024: Lawmakers consider stricter requirements for registering to vote
    State lawmakers are considering a group of bills that would create new requirements for people looking to register to vote. If they become law, New Hampshire would be among the strictest states in the country when it comes to voter registration. We talk about this story and more with NHPR's Todd Bookman and Kate Dario.
  • NH News Recap for May 31, 2024: Fact checking Gov. Sununu on NH electricity prices
    Gov. Chris Sununu’s office recently celebrated some data that, according to them, showed that New Hampshire’s electricity prices are low compared to other states, thanks to state energy policies. But the numbers raised eyebrows among some reporters. And a federal judge ruled this week that a law restricting how New Hampshire schools teach about racism and sexism is unconstitutional. The ACLU and state teachers union sued over this law, and this is the first court ruling to strike down a law of this kind in the nation. We discuss these stories and more on this week’s edition of the New Hampshire News Recap.
  • NH News Recap for May 24, 2024: How North Country communities are navigating flooding recovery
    North Country communities are still rebuilding after intense rainfall in December caused some of the worst flooding the region has experienced. And several bills that would restrict the rights of trans people in public spaces, school sports, and other areas are now headed to Gov. Chris Sununu for his consideration. We discuss these stories and more on this edition of the New Hampshire News Recap with NHPR reporters Paul Cuno-Booth and Mara Hoplamazian.
  • NH News Recap for May 17, 2024: Senate passes bill that would legalize recreational marijuana
    The New Hampshire Senate passed a number of bills on Thursday, including one that would legalize marijuana for recreational use. New Hampshire remains the only state in New England that has yet to legalize recreational cannabis. We talk about this story and more with the New Hampshire Bulletin's Ethan DeWitt.
  • NH News Recap for May 10, 2024: Jurors speak out after state says it will cap award in landmark YDC lawsuit
    A jury found that the state enabled child abuse at a former youth detention center. The jurors awarded a New Hampshire man $38 million dollars in the landmark lawsuit. Now they are speaking out after the state announced it would cap that award amount. Dozens of New Hampshire college students were arrested last week at pro-Palestinian protests at Dartmouth College. Among them were two student journalists who were covering the event. Will the college drop the charges? We talk about these stories and more on this edition of the New Hampshire News Recap with NHPR's Jason Moon and the Boston Globe's Amanda Gokee.
  • NH News Recap for May 3, 2024: How administrators and students are responding to protests at Dartmouth, UNH
    Students across the country are protesting Israel’s war in Gaza, and many colleges are bringing in police to respond to demonstrations. In New Hampshire, police arrested over 100 people on Wednesday at Palestinian solidarity protests on the Dartmouth College and UNH campuses. We discuss how students and school officials are responding to the arrests in this edition the New Hampshire News Recap with NHPR's Olivia Richardson and Steven Porter of the Boston Globe.
  • NH News Recap for April 26, 2024: What's the NH National Guard doing at the Texas border?
    A group of New Hampshire National Guard soldiers are in Eagle Pass, Texas to assist with that state's border control efforts. New Hampshire Bulletin's Annmarie Timmins is reporting from the southern border in collaboration with NHPR. We talk with her about what she's seen this week. And a joint investigation from NHPR and APM Reports has found that New Hampshire's Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has used his office repeatedly to elevate conservative complaints against the education system. That's despite his pledge to keep the job nonpartisan when he took over in 2017. NHPR's Sarah Gibson shares her reporting.
  • NH News Recap for April 19, 2024: The state attempts to address rising extremism and acts of bias
    The New Hampshire Department of Safety is holding community conversations across the state on combating hate crimes. How is the state attempting to addressing rising extremism and acts of bias in New Hampshire? The state Senate recently approved a bill that would require abortion providers to share data on procedures they perform with state public health officials. We talk about these stories and more on this edition of the New Hampshire News Recap with Keene Sentinel's Christopher Cartwright and NHPR's Todd Bookman and Olivia Richardson.