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Maine Calling

Maine Calling is an interactive radio program hosted by Jennifer Rooks, Cindy Han and Keith Shortall, broadcasting live from 11am-noon Monday through Friday and rebroadcast at 7pm Monday through Friday. Every weekday, the program digs into topics and issues with listeners across the state in a statewide conversation.

  • More eco-friendly materials and practices in the fashion industry include re-use of clothing and other trends
  • How to stay safe when in and around bodies of water in Maine
  • How to stay safe when in and around bodies of water in Maine
  • We discuss the pressing news in the race to the White House
  • What has caused such political and cultural divisions in our society—and how to get past the polarization
  • The life and work of E. B. White — writer, journalist, poet, essayist from Maine
  • Horticulture experts discuss summer gardening and answer your questions
  • History and facts about pipe organs, and why organ music is special
  • How and why the Gulf of Maine is changing, and what the impacts are
  • Why 1924 was a significant year, one hundred years ago, in Maine and nationwide
  • A sampling of best places and foods to eat in Maine
  • What are some of the best hidden places or popular destinations in Maine?